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What Is Dynamic Pallet Racking?

Dynamic Pallet Racking is the term used to describe storage solutions which use mechanical or gravitational forces to move pallets within the racking system. These include push back racking, pallet live racking, mobile pallet racking, picking tunnels and radio shuttle racking.

These Dynamic Pallet Racking solutions are transforming traditional warehouse storage by enabling companies to maximise storage capacity in the minimum floor space whilst reducing travel times and operational costs.

These solutions, whilst powerful in their own right, require a new way of thinking to warehouse design to realise the full benefits.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is a high density storage solution which provides 100% availability of picking faces. The system uses automated mobile bases which are operated via electronic controls to open and close aisles when needed.

This solution is highly efficient – by using the latest technology, the user can gain access to an aisle in as little as 45 seconds – more than enough time for your operators to retrieve a pallet from the system and load onto a wagon or into a marshalling area before proceeding to the next location.

A popular option for warehouses with a large number of SKUs and slow movement of stock or in cold stores.

Mobile Pallet Racking, Dynamic Pallet Racking

Pallet Live Racking

Unlike push back racking, Pallet Live Racking can either operate on a ‘first in – first out’ system which is essential in industries such as Food & Drink or can be set up as a First In – Last Out, similar to push back racking.

Featuring full width roller beds with individual brakes at each pallet position, this ensures that the pallets roll safely into position, ready to be picked.

This system can be designed to accommodate up to 9 pallets deep.

Pallet Live racking has many benefits including:

– Improved warehouse productivity due to separate loading and picking areas

– Reduced FLT travelling times

– Allows for efficient stock control

Pallet Live Storage

Radio Shuttle

Radio Shuttle racking is a semi-automated system which offers fantastic benefits when it comes to maximising capacity as well as improving warehouse operations.

This type of racking uses a shuttle which can automatically retrieve and despatch pallets from the racking, controlled by a mobile device such as a tablet. This high-density storage solution has many benefits including:

– Reduced FLT travel times

– Excellent utilisation of floor space

– Reduced racking damage as no requirement for FLT to enter racking

– Faster loading times

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