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The Rise of Mezzanine Floors…

We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of second hand pallet racking and we also deal in second hand mezzanine floors!

As you should know by now, our biggest thing is that we sell great quality products… which includes our mezzanine floors!

We have put together a few common questions that we get about mezzanine floors as they are becoming more and more popular… please see below and get in touch for any more information!

Can a mezzanine floor be constructed without disrupting business?

As the mezzanine floors is freestanding and all of its parts are manufactured off site, it can be constructed around your existing work force with minimal disruption.

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Will the supports restrict working space below, for example with forklift trucks?

No, a mezzanine floor designed to allow access underneath for forklift trucks if required.

Is there a minimum/maximum load/size?

There is no minimum size. The most common span tends to be 6m x 5m and 500kg per metre squared. However we can offer bigger spans and heavier load capacities as required.

Can we have a mix of uses – storage, retail space and offices on one mezzanine?

Yes, we have the capability to migrate mezzanine flooring with all types of racking.

What are the different access options?

The most obvious choice is by a staircase which can be fabricated to whatever size you need. Lift options are also available which are ideal for retail environments.

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Are there any specific fire regulations?

It depends on the size of the installation and what it is being used for. A small mezzanine floor that is just used for storage, that is less than 20m long and covers less than 50% of the overall floor area, may not need to be fire rated but larger floors of floors with offices will need to be fire rated with a minimum fire rating of 60 minutes.

Can it be reconfigured and/or re-sited if needs be?

As it is made from strong, lightweight steel it can be demounted, re-sited , reused and repurposed ay number of times.

I’ve heard mezzanine floors need planning permission and building regulations certificates. Is this true?

This depends on which country it will be instakked in. Some countries, such as the UK, have recently introduces the need for planning permission for a single mezzanine floor of 2000sq m.

However it is confusing as this only applies in sertain locations and situations. With our wealth of knowledge, we are able to help our clients with building regulations and approvals for mezzanine floors. We have even recently completed an installation of a mezzanine floor in Scotland. This meant we had to go through Scottish building regulations which was a very long and complicated process!

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… The Next Step?

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