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Man VS Machine: Who is responsible for safety in the warehouse?

Within the warehouse the number one concern is to protect personnel from potential accidents, injuries and fatalities. A number of different factors can contribute towards safety in the warehouse. This can include the movement of people, machinery and products around one area. Therefore there is not necessarily a singular solution to creating a safe warehouse.

The warehouse can be a hazardous environment as it typically houses racking. Within this environment there are also typically many pieces of mobile equipment such as forklift trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks and AGV’s travelling at different speeds. Therefore any situation where personnel and machines are working in close proximity poses particular risks.

The modern warehouse is now more advanced with order picking with automated guided vehicles (AVG’s) and robots whizzing around. In recent years we have seen automation gain a lot of traction and seen larger companies choosing to replace their forklifts with an automated solutions.

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Consequently, with new technology comes new safety measures. New technologies and general changes in health and safety, both create new ricks and eliminate old risks.

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