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Five Ways To Make Deliveries Easier On Your Warehouse

Deliveries—every warehouse gets them, everyone has their own way of dealing with them, and every different delivery makes its own impact on your warehouse.

And while all products are different and requires different handling steps, there’s a lot that can be done to make your warehouse more ready for deliveries. By taking proactive steps to make your warehouse more able to receive shipments, you can keep your warehouse more organised, more productive, and overall easier on everyone.

Know Whats Coming…

In too many cases, warehouse managers aren’t totally up to date on what products they’re expecting or what’s due to arrive at their warehouse. Work with your usual shipping provider to get accurate, detailed bills of shipments to understand what you’ll be getting, when you’ll be getting it, and if you’ll have to sign for it when it arrives. A lot of delivery day chaos can be prevented by knowing which deliveries the managers will have to be there for in person.


On that note, it might also be a good call to get someone who can sign and be responsible for packages when they show up just in case you can’t be there all the time. Keep your employees aware of upcoming deliveries (especially larger ones and/or ones with more vital items) and make sure there’s someone there that can take charge if you’re unable to be there and sign for it.

Have The Right Storage

Of course, after the shipments have arrived safely, there’s always the matter of putting them away correctly. Make sure you have plenty of pallet racking, longspan shelving, cantilever racking etc set up at your receiving area to keep your products organised and arranged correctly before they go off to their final destination, and make sure all products are counted and tracked on their way to whatever shelves they need to stay on.

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Keep In Touch

Whether you sell direct to consumers or you work to distribute product into retail locations, keeping your clients and customers aware of what items are due down the pipe is key. Whenever you get updated shipping information about key inventory items, pass it along to the customer so they know when they can expect it. And if you hit any delays, honesty is the best policy; a delay in shipping will eventually be forgotten, but if the client feels like you’re withholding information about when their items are due in, you run the risk of dissatisfied customers—customers who might not come back.

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