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Why Choose Link 51 Pallet Racking

More than sixty years of hard work went in to perfecting Link 51 systems. This is a UK manufacturer who specialises in a wide variety of storage systems and is another commonly installed storage system within warehouses throughout the UK.

Link 51 are one of the leading manufacturers of storage solutions that Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd have to offer. We have continued to successfully supply our customers with excellent quality second hand Link 51 pallet racking solutions directly from our own warehouse for a number of years.

Link 51 pallet racking is a versatile and hard wearing option that will suit various environments. It is a pallet racking system that can be catered to your precise specifications and design. We stock a comprehensive range of secondhand link 51 pallet racking including the more popular product ranges such as:

– Wide Aisle

– Narrow Aisle

– Double Deep

– Drive In

– Push Back

– Live Storage

and many more options…..

We are one of the North Easts leading suppliers of second hand link 51 pallet racking and we are successfully able to serve the  entire UK with second hand pallet racking and a renowned installation service.

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