Caladonian Plywood New Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor Inspections

You should never under value warehouse safety and with current regulations governing safety around pallet racking systems it is important to note that any Mezzanine floors that you may have on site also fall into the working equipment bracket, are covered by the PUWER Regulations of 1996 and therefore need to form an integral part of your warehouse safety plan.  Although there is no official regulation that states Mezzanine floors are to be inspected there is a clear recommendation by Health and Safety that they should be inspected every 24 months to ensure and confirm that they are safe and to identify any risks.

Caladonian Plywood New Mezzanine Floor

Inspection on your mezzanine equipment include checks on columns, beams, purlins, tie rods, decking and all other fixtures to ensure that they are tight and correctly assembled.  Checks will be completed on any stair cases, handrails, pallet gates and lifts to ensure they are in full working order and meet health and safety standards.  Inspections are carried out by SARI’s who will check and correct loading specifications in line with manufacturing guidelines.

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