TVS SCS, New Pallet Racking, Second Hand Pallet Racking

Types of Mesh Decking

Mesh decking is an often forgotten but essential accessory when it comes time to develop an effective pallet rack structure in your warehouse.

If you’re working on the setup in your warehouse and wondering what type of wire decking to use (or even, what wire decking is for), start with a simple question: what type of pallet racking am I using? At the end of the day, the type of wire deck you use depends entirely on the size of the beams it will accompany.

Step channel wire decking is stronger than flare channel decking, but more limited in application. As the name implies, step channel wire decks can only be used to support step beams, whereas flare channel decks fit a range of beams, but are less robust.

Sitting below the wire mesh on any product you choose is a support channel that bears the weight of the load placed upon the decking. Depending on the width of the deck, it will have anywhere from two to five support channels, but customised solutions are available to boost load-bearing capacity.

Mesh Decks

At their very core, wire decking products are a safety net for your products. Without wire decking in place, it becomes extremely precarious to unload and remove pallets from the beams in your warehouse, with only inches separating a forklift operator from successfully placing a pallet and causing it crash to the ground, potentially costing you thousands of pounds in damages.

Pros of Sticking with a Mesh Decking Solution

Multiple wire decking styles like step channel, flared, flush fit and many more, mean that you can accommodate nearly all beams

Wire decking is durable and saves you money on replacing plywood

Favoured by insurance companies

A non-flammable alternative to wooden decks

Wire decking is simple to use

Allows for both full pallet loads and partial pallet loads to be stored

TVS SCS, New Pallet Racking, Second Hand Pallet Racking

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