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Pallet Racking: How To Prepare For It

Are you looking to kit out your warehouse or factory with pallet racking systems? It might feel intimidating knowing how to plan for pallet racking installation if you are starting from scratch. But don’t worry, at Advanced Handling & Storage, we can guide you through the process.

There is far more to consider than just ensuring your products are sent out and delivered on time when it comes to warehouse efficiency. Overall warehouse organisation can be achieved through simple improvements that, in the long run, will save you time and money. These changes don’t need to be expensive or difficult to implement. 

We have put together a guide on how to prepare and assess your warehouse before installing a pallet storage system:

Analysing the layout 

Before you begin to plan for solutions, you need to analyse each aspect of your warehouse to assess the effectiveness of each part and as a whole to see where the problems lie. Devising the layout of a warehouse is the first step in designing an installation.

Over time, it is easy for disorganisation to occur and form new efficiency issues and safety risks. Therefore, it is essential to look at how everyday operations are mapped out within each area. Sometimes, a strategic reorganisation can drastically improve space and make room for a well-designed storage system to maximise warehouse efficiency.

The layout and installation of a pallet racking system for your warehouse should make the most of available space, reduce the handling of goods, provide easy access to stored products, offer maximum flexibility in the positioning of products, and control the amount of stock being held.

A good layout must also avoid areas of congestion and be able to facilitate maintenance tasks. 

Managing stock

Practising inventory management can help avoid issues that become a real problem in warehouses. Ensuring you have the correct amount of stock at all times will allow you to prepare for a pallet racking system and ensure you aren’t taking up unnecessary space or wasting stock. 

Inventory management software negates this issue by providing real-time analysis of stock sitting in the warehouse. Every item tracked helps to avoid overstocking and under-ordering of key lines and provides an overview of stock value being held at present.

Choosing the right pallet racking system to meet your needs

Depending on your warehouse needs, there are four main types of pallet racking systems that will enhance your storage system.

Cantilever racking is a storage system specifically designed to store awkwardly long or bulky products. Push-back racking forms a highly efficient system that allows for high storage density. 

Drive-in pallet racking allows for forklift truck access and is ideal for storing large quantities of the same product. Narrow aisle pallet racking is a fantastic solution for fast order picking and eliminates unnecessary aisle space.

For more information on choosing the right pallet racking storage system, please read our blog post all about it.

If you’re looking for the best pallet racking storage system, make sure you get in touch with the pallet racking people today. We will be able to offer advice on the best new and second-hand racking options available to you.

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