multi tier mezzanine floor

A Guide To Mezzanine Floors

If you’re looking to increase the storage and working space within your warehouse, look no further than the mezzanine floors we offer at Advanced Handling & Storage.

Mezzanine floors are the perfect solution for maximising space by making use of unused overhead areas. This means you don’t need to expand your current warehouse or consider moving to new premises.

Although a large investment for any business, mezzanine floors offer a huge return on investment long term due to improved efficiency and proper utilisation of the space available.

Here’s our helpful guide to mezzanine floors, including the benefits, what to consider, application, and the components and accessories required.

The benefits

Mezzanine floors are generally constructed of steel and are incredibly durable and robust. Due to being a semi-permanent structure, they can be dismantled and relocated as required. Therefore this makes them a scalable solution if your business anticipates further growth.

By maximising vertical space within your warehouse without costly expansions or relocations, a mezzanine floor can help improve organisation and stock control and increase sales opportunities. 

As well as this, the installation process is quite non-disruptive, depending on the size the mezzanines could be completed in less than a week. Once installed, the structure will add considerable value to your premises if you ever wish to sell.

A mezzanine floor can also be configured to give a complete view of the warehouse working environment.

What to consider

1. In most cases, your warehouse will require building regulations to install a mezzanine floor. 

2. It will also require a fire rating up to 1 hour depending on use.

3. If the floor is being used by the public, the stairs and handrail must be suitable for use.

4. To prevent injuries from occurring, handrails with a top and mid-rail should be installed.

5. All steel structures, including mezzanine floors, must have the CE mark to ensure quality and safety under the Construction Products Regulation.

Components you require

The precise mezzanine floor components you require will depend on the application. However, typically they are made up of five key elements:

1. Base Plates

2. Support Columns

3. Primary Beams

4. Floor Purlins

5. Decking

6. Fire rating

7. Lighting 

If you need more information on mezzanine floor components, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mezzanine floor accessories

Accessories often fitted to mezzanine floors to improve their safety include:

1. Staircases

2. Pallet Gates

3. Lifts

4. Edge Protection

If you’re looking for the best mezzanine floor system, make sure to get in touch with us today. We will be able to offer advice on preparing and installing mezzanine flooring to ensure maximised efficiency for you and your business.

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