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A Guide To Pallet Rack Decking

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we recommend pallet rack decking in order to create an efficient warehouse storage system and maximise workplace efficiency. After all, there is more to it than just pallet racking, shelving, and mezzanine flooring. 

Pallet rack decking supports the storage for small and loose items, or smaller pallet sizes. The decking serves a purpose of securing itself onto the pallet racking to aid items that vary in size and packaging. This is to ensure that nothing falls through your storage system. 

Rack decking can be made from wood, chipboard or steel, and can cater to any specific requirements you may have. The type of decking you require will depend on the type of product you have the need to store and whether your warehouse facility is outdoors or indoors.

The four main types of pallet rack decking are:

Timber decking

Pallet timber decking is extremely durable, flexible in size and fit, and easily adapted to fit the most obscure sizing. 

A highly versatile option for any warehouse, timber decking is manufactured with good quality timber that can support heavy loads and provide a sturdy platform to support small and loose goods. 

Timber decking also considerably reduces the risk of stock falling through and protects warehouse operatives as well as goods.

Chipboard Decking

Similar to timber decking, chipboard decking is also very resistant. Available in a variety of depths, the smooth surface and fairly high weight-bearing capabilities make it a great option for supporting long-span shelving units.

Chipboard decking aids the storage and picking of items including carpet, which benefits from the smooth surface. This decking method can fit to measure to ensure no lips or surfaces are exposed to scratch goods being stored.

Wire Mesh Decking

This is considered the most cost-effective option in terms of pallet rack decking. Wire mesh decking is available in various thicknesses to support a wide range of goods.

Another durable choice, this type of decking is suitable for all warehouse types (indoor or outdoor) and provides a clean and easy to maintain storage system for products that may vary in size and weight.

 This pallet rack decking method is more widely used due to it being a more sterile option. The design results in less collection of debris and grime, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and is less of a fire risk compared to other types of decking.

Wire mesh decking is also a fantastic option for use on upper mezzanine floors.

Steel Notched Decking

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, steel notched decking fits across the width of racking beams to form a steel bed to store goods.

As with all of the pallet rack decking types we offer, it can be made to measure and is easily fitted due to the slot in/slot out fitting. The steel composition makes it more durable than chipboard decking and can be used for a wider range of goods and instances. 

If you are required to store food or products that could likely spill, steel notched decking is a great choice because getting wet or dirty is not an issue. The slats can easily be removed for cleaning and replaced again without disrupting the rest of the decking.

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