Pallet Racking Load Notice

The Importance of Warehouse Signage

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we are the pallet racking people. Therefore, we are the first to know that warehouse signage is often overlooked, despite being a critical addition to any storage facility. Often, more complicated installations take precedence, which is not how it should be.

Warehouse signage is critically important for improving employee safety, workflow efficiency, and productivity. As well as this, there are also industry and legal regulations you are required to adhere to. In order to operate a well-maintained and high-functioning warehouse, you must ensure pallet racking signage is a top priority.

At every touch point throughout your storage facility, appropriate signage must be present. Your signage should highlight any dangerous substances, draw attention to the potential danger of any slips and trips, and direct picking stack around the workflow efficiently.

Here are some examples of signage we feel is crucial to have present in your warehouse.


Whether this is to label products that are stored on shelves, to identify hazardous items, medication, and specialist products, or to inform warehouse staff that protective clothing may be required for handling specific items; labelling is an important part of running your warehouse.

Load Notices

Load notices are required by health and safety to display the loading capacities for the frames and beams. At Advanced Handling & Storage, we offer them as standard with all pallet racking systems.

Health & Safety

Signage for health and safety purposes includes information warehouse operatives of any restricted areas, hazardous items, dangerous machinery, electrical and gas awareness, wet floors, and danger of slips and trips.

Efficient Packing

In conjunction with an efficient floor plan and workflow, helpful packing signage helps to ensure goods make it to distribution as quickly as possible.

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