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How Heavy Duty Is Cantilever Racking?

If your business requires the storage of big, bulky, long or awkwardly shaped goods; look no further than cantilever racking as a solution.

Awkwardly sized and shaped items can clutter up your warehouses, which as a result can affect warehouse efficiency and also safety.

Cantilever racking is specifically designed to help store long, bulky, and ultimately challenging materials. The simple design might sometimes be mistaken for a pallet racking option with limited capacity to load. 

However, at Advanced Handling & Storage, our heavy-duty cantilever racking systems do the job properly. Some of our cantilever racking systems can even reach load capacities of 22,000 lbs per side, so there really isn’t much limitation with our warehouse equipment.

Before you invest in a heavy-duty cantilever racking system, it’s important to ensure that the design will meet your load capacity requirements. 

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure you get the right pallet racking system you need.

Knowing your facility space is the most important first step before anything else because the parameters will clearly show the type of system that will meet your needs.

When it comes to load distribution, the capacity will be based on a structured evenly distributed load, which is crucial to the stability of the racking. The specification of your cantilever racking will be designed to take the correct product which will dictate the arm style and size as well as the column centre bracing.

Structural or roll-formed steel is used for the heavy-duty rack material; both offer extremely high levels of strength and load capacities. Your decision may depend on your specific needs.

The Cantilever racking system is determined by the length of the bundle, weight of the load, and the type of equipment you’ll be using to pick the products. 

Therefore, you will need to assess the length and sturdiness of your inventory to ensure adequate spacing is available between the columns to support your products.

To add extra durability, cantilever racking then has a heavy-duty finish added to it to protect against rust and corrosion from chemicals.

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