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5 Ways To Prevent Pallet Racking Damage

Attempting to repair pallet racking once it’s damaged can, in some cases, cause more harm than good. That’s why it’s advisable to prevent the problem before it’s occurred. 

When it comes to running a warehouse operated business, an effective way to save money on pallet racking repairs and replacements is to put preventative measures in place to avoid damage occurring in the first place.

Let us run you through the five main ways to prevent damage to your pallet racking to avoid costly repairs and potentially dangerous damage to your racking system. 

Improve warehouse visibility

Implementing effective warehouse lighting means that your warehouse staff can operate more safely and efficiently. Forklift drivers will be able to see what they are doing clearly which will vastly reduce the number of accidents to your pallet racking system.

Another preventative measure is to implement speed limits throughout your warehouse to combat the number of vehicle collisions. 

Protect your pallet racking system

Guards and frame protectors are a worthwhile investment for any pallet racking storage system. A cost-effective solution, guards and frames will provide robust protection from forklifts and other operating warehouse vehicles.

Don’t overload the racking 

Overloading racking is a leading cause of pallet racking damage, which can then often result in collapses. Overloaded storage systems are preventable by knowing the weight capacities of your system which should be provided by the manufacturer. 

Ensure load notices are present within your warehouse to inform staff of these limitations but if you are concerned that your pallet racking system has been overloaded we recommend having a safety inspection carried out as soon as possible. 

Assess the layout of your warehouse

To further avoid damage to your storage solutions we recommend making sure your warehouse layout is the best it can be. You may need to consider a complete warehouse reconfiguration to widen aisles if they are too tight for operating vehicles.

If you aren’t in a financial position to reconfigure your facility or pay for load notices, coloured tape can discourage forklift drivers getting too close to the pallet racking.

Get a safety inspection on your racking

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we can provide a SEMA approved racking inspector to carry out a full safety report on your storage system to spot any potential damage before it worsens.

If this is a service you require for your warehouse, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs or get advice on measuring and configuring racking components. Alternatively, or email [email protected]

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