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Love Your Warehouse This Valentine’s Day

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by letting you know how you can start to show your warehouse some love. 

Pallet racking systems do an excellent job of storing various types of business inventory products year on year. 

Perhaps it’s time to give your storage facility some new refreshments and advancements with the help of our accessories and services to keep it performing and lasting for many more years to come.

Enhance your storage system with accessories

We are the pallet racking people but we also stock the best new and used pallet racking accessories to help you enhance your system and make it bespoke for your business.

We offer a wide range of warehouse accessories, from anti-collapse screens to safety barriers, to improve the efficiency of your racking.

Here are our most-loved accessories to suit your system and help it work to its full potential.

Anti-collapse screens

Anti-collapse screens are an optional safety feature to prevent pallets or small items from falling onto pedestrians as they pass by. These screens are a great preventative measure for your pallet racking storage system.

Floor fixings

Another great safety feature for pallet racking is floor fixings because they fix your frames to the floor and secure them. 

Suppose you are unloading or loading using machine equipment in your warehouse. In that case, your storage system needs to be attached to the floor slab with at least one fixing bolt.

Load notices

Essential for the purposes of health and safety, the purpose of load notices is to display the load capacity for the frames and beams in your warehouse. As standard, we offer these with all of our pallet racking systems.

Mesh decks

Mesh decking is an alternative to traditional chipboard decking and timber decking. It is made from steel and is often favoured by insurance companies because it is more robust. Mesh decking is also perfect for use in food factories and warehouses due to its hygiene suitability. 

Safety barriers

Safety barriers are an accessory every warehouse should have. They help reduce the risk of downtime for your business, injury, and accidents. To help improve the safety of your warehouse, we have both new and second-hand safety barriers available. 

Book a safety inspection for your storage system

From time to time, as a result of regular warehouse operations, pallet racking systems can become damaged.

Every year we recommend having a safety inspection carried out to assess any potential hazardous problems that could result in accidents, injury, or warehouse destruction.

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we can arrange for a SEMA approved safety inspector to carry out a full safety report on your pallet racking system. Get in touch with us to book this service. 

Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs or get advice on measuring and configuring racking components. Alternatively, or email [email protected]

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