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Cantilever Racking Improves Operations

The requirement to store long or awkwardly-shaped inventory can be challenging when it comes to warehouse operations. However, cantilever racking can help improve storage efficiency and clear up valuable floor space. 

When large inventory is not stored correctly, it can result in a hazardous working environment for warehouse staff. Therefore, it is important to ensure your warehouse is operating efficiently with the correct equipment. 

If you have the need to store lengthy or bulky inventory such as piping, tubing, extrusions, and other large items; we recommend cantilever racking as an addition to your system. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider this type of racking for your warehouse.

Easy access

A cantilever racking system is made up of a vertical tower with a stackable base, arms, and horizontal and vertical bracing. All of these components work together to keep your inventory in place.

Due to its intuitive design and high capacity, it is incredibly easy to access. The open sides mean you can access your inventory with no obstructions, which helps speed up warehouse operations. 

Even though cantilever racking features an open design, your inventory will still remain secure because we use only the highest quality and most durable materials to keep your stock safe.

Space saving

By introducing a cantilever racking system to your warehouse, you can clear up floor space and make room for safer operations. 

It is a stacking component that maximises storage efficiency and density by using a stacking method to make use of vacant vertical space present in your warehouse.

Because the sides are open with cantilever racking, there is the ability to use the full length of the rack from side to side. If necessary, your inventory can even extend beyond the arms. 

Ability to store varied inventory 

A cantilever racking system can allow inventory of varying sizes and lengths to be stored. Instead of purchasing multiple systems in an attempt to get the job done, cantilever racking is simply the solution you need.

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