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5 Warehouse Products To Improve Operations

Warehouse products are key to efficiently improving business performance, meeting safety standards, and helping with staff productivity. 

If you currently have a pallet racking system and are looking to make improvements to boost business operations, we have some great product recommendations. These products are key to maximising warehouse efficiency, organisation, and storage density. 

Wire Decking

Wire decking is designed to help your pallet racking store more, which is ideal for busy daily operations. With this product, there is the ability to store different sizes and weights within the same system. 

Plus, the mesh design makes it easy to see what items are being stored and makes them easily retrievable. Wire decking is also more durable and long-lasting than chipboard or wooden decking and allows for ventilation and sprinkler penetration in the event of a fire.

Pushback Racking 

Pushback racking provides increased density and efficiency by combining a standard selective pallet rack with a cart-and-rail system. The particular type of racking makes load and unloading a much faster process.

The idea is that you unload the first pallet and the rest will slowly move forward. This eliminates the need to relocate inventory to make it more accessible. Staff can then move more inventory and faster, which as a result will improve operations and make more money.

Even though pushback racking speeds up the process, you don’t need to worry about products falling and becoming damaged. With pushback racking, each movement is steady and controlled.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking allows for the storage of products that are difficult heights and lengths without breaking the bank. This means you don’t have to purchase multiple systems.

Products are stored on and retrieved from the arms of the rack, which makes it easy to stay organised and store more inventory. The design of cantilever racking provides maximum visibility, increases safety, and keeps heavy and potentially dangerous materials off the floor.

Wire Containers

Once you introduce wire containers to your warehouse operations, you will wonder how you ever managed without them. They save you time and money and can be used for both storing and shipping products. They are also stackable, collapsible, and highly durable.

Wire containers eliminate the need to buy boxes for shipping because you can reuse them and save money on shipping costs long term.

These containers are particularly good for storing small products, such as parts or pieces that can easily end up getting lost. Plus, the mesh design provides visibility for you to quickly identify what product you are looking for.

Drive In Racking 

A structural drive in rack provides maximum storage density and is fit for almost any warehouse operation. Made with more steel than any other racking system available, it has the ability to handle the daily grind effortlessly.

If your daily warehouse operations are strenuous, investing in drive in racking will be in your best interest. Despite being typically more expensive than other types of racking, in the long run it will save you money because it is built to last.

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