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Do You Need Wire Decking?

At Advanced Handling & Storage we have the ideal storage solutions to solve all of your warehouse problems. We offer both new and used wire decking that can be fitted quickly to warehouse storage systems and be ready for use instantly. 

Wire decking is easy to fit to pallet racking systems due to the waterfall lips on the front and back. This design easily sits over the ends of the pallet racking system beams.

Once fitted, you can then use it to place various stock items that may not be suitable for pallet storage.

What is wire decking used for?

Wire decking is a great option for businesses that require access to individual items of stock or equipment, or alternatively for businesses that don’t store their goods on pallets. 

It also adds a preventative layer to your warehouse storage system to prevent stock falling past your pallet racking and causing accidents, injuries, or damage to your stock.

The design also prevents dust from building up on your stock and is not flammable like wood decking. Insurance companies actually prefer the use of it over wood and can often give you a lower insurance premium for this reason.

Wire decking also gives clear sight to warehouse operatives when picking and moving stock because natural light can easily pass through the layers.

What are the benefits of using wire decking?


This type of decking is made from steel and galvanised or powder coated to give it superior durability over the traditional option of wooden decking, while still meeting all of the necessary safety and fire code requirements.


It is a popular addition to a pallet racking system because it is simple to install and can be used instantly afterwards. No tools are required to install it, all you need to do is place the wire decking on the pallet racking beams. 


Warehouse safety should be a priority for any operating business and wire decking meets all requirements for safety and fire regulations. 


This type of decking significantly decreases the level of dust accumulation and deal with spillages far better than traditional wooden decking.


This pallet racking addition is one of the most versatile options on the market for storing irregular loads and other components. Wire decking is available in a variety of depths and widths to fit your warehouse storage system adequately.

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