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Wire Warehouse Safety & Security

We understand that warehouse safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to running a large-scale business. Therefore, we strive to increase efficiency and improve storage density with wire warehouse safety and security products.

We are here 9am-5pm, 5 days a week, to help you create and maintain the safest warehouse environment possible. Our goal is to provide you with the best products for your operation, taking into consideration your unique needs and circumstances. 

We offer a range of products designed to improve your warehouse operations and improve safety and security.

So, what are the best wire warehouse safety and security products? 

Wire decking

Wire mesh decking is not only affordable but is also easy to install because no tools are required. Wire decking can simply be dropped over the beams of your pallet racking system and provides you with the versatility to store single boxes and full pallet loads. 

It increases warehouse safety by preventing the accidental fall-through of pallets or boxes from pallet to floor. Wire decking is also much safer than wood decking because it is not flammable and can help lower your insurance rate. 

Wire rack enclosures

While it is important to secure your machinery, it is also important to secure your inventory. A loss of inventory can result in loss of time, money, and potentially customers if not secured.

A pallet racking wire rack enclosure can help secure valuable bulk items.

Wire partitions

Wire partitions allow you to enclose an area without having to build additional rooms. There is the option to add onto these partitions in future to maximise storage space without losing valuable time to construction.

If your business works with heavy duty equipment that could be dangerous, wire partitions are a must-have. Each unit comes with a cylinder lock so you can rest assured that the items you wish to store are kept secure.

When it comes to warehouse safety and security; the quality, ease of installation, and versatility of this product cannot be beaten.

Wire lockers

Wire lockers are fantastic for making use of spaces that have gone unused. They are ideal for storing cleaning supplies and hazardous items materials and equipment.  

The wire mesh allows everything inside to be clearly visible, so you can always see what you are storing. This visibility makes for increased safety because it minimises the risk of a warehouse operative selecting a dangerous item by accident.

Items such as tools or cords can also be secured to the wire mesh wall panels. Doing this further increases storage density and warehouse safety. 

Wire lockers can be purchased as individual or multiple units. Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs, or email [email protected]

With us, support continues after the sale, and we strive to form strong customer relationships, providing you with dedicated advisors you can contact for any advice.

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