Galvanised Pallet Racking

Industrial Pallet Racking For Open-Air Warehouses

Depending on the type of business you own, you will know what kind of warehouse you need to run operations smoothly with industrial pallet racking. Covered warehouses are most popular, however open-air warehouses share their own unique characteristics.

Typically, outdoor warehouses are a less popular choice for businesses because of the criteria they must meet and the conditions required to store specific products. 

For an open-air warehouse, the recommended industrial pallet racking solution is galvanised racking because it has a protective outer layer of zinc, which gives the rackin great durability and strength.

However, some materials stored in the open do not suffer deterioration from the cold, heat, rain, snow, and solar radiation, which is when an open-air warehouse becomes a great choice. The most common outdoor warehouses are for vehicles and machinery, as well as raw materials from the construction sector.

Open-air warehouses are more economical than covered warehouses because they don’t have a fixed structure; the space normally comprises fences and perimeter walls. 

Generally, there are two types of open-air warehouse:

Fully uncovered warehouse

In this instance, products and pallet racking storage systems are fully outdoors and uncovered with no roof or walling. This type of warehouse is typical for raw materials that will not be harmed by inclement weather conditions.

However, products stored outdoors can be covered with plastic or tarps for increased protections, which is recommended if the products will spend long periods of time outdoors.

Partially open warehouse

A partially open warehouse provides some additional protection for the products being stored. There may be a roof, walls, or both and one end will be left uncovered, which is why it is still considered an open-air warehouse.

The design of these warehouses is to protect the products from direct rain or snow, although it will not protect them from temperature and humidity changes.

Pallet racking in outdoor warehouses

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we have many industrial pallet racking storage solutions. However, the most common in outdoor warehouses are adjustable pallet racking systems and cantilever racking for long loads.

One advantage of an open-air warehouse is that it doesn’t have as many space constraints as an indoor warehouse, therefore compact storage systems aren’t usually required and adjustable pallet racking is a better option. 

Adjustable pallet racking is adaptable to different sized unit loads and also to the type of forklifts being used, with direct access to all pallets. 

This type of racking is resistant, easy to assemble, adapts to any type of goods, and is resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions because of its galvanised finish.

Commonly, cantilever pallet racking is installed outdoors and is perfect for storing long loads such as wood, metal, plastic tubes, plates, and boards. A covered area at the top is normally added to give the goods in an outdoor warehouse more protection.

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