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Fire Resistance With Wire Decking

Gone are the days of hazardous wooden decking for pallet support in warehouses. With an increased importance on cleanliness and fire resistance, wire decking has fast become a first choice for all your storage needs.

Safety in the warehouse is of utmost importance when operating as a business. In recent years, those with large-scale warehouses and factories have been strongly advised to replace wooden decking with wire decking to avoid the hazard of fires. 

Wire decking is actually a cheaper alternative to wooden decking. It is non-flammable and meets all fire safety requirements. With strict fire prevention codes becoming more prevalent in warehouses across the world, it’s important to ensure you comply. 

This type of decking is also favoured by insurance companies because they are designed in such a way to allow water to pass through the sprinkler system in the case of a fire.

More than just fire resistance, mesh decking is by far the overall safest option available. Wooden decking is often not strong enough to support heavy loads in a warehouse, whereas wire decking is solid and dependable and can support loads up to 2,500 lbs.

The wire grid provides a sturdy surface to completely support misplaced loads that could fall and potentially lead to accidents. It can also act as a safety net to help prevent boxes falling into aisles and walkways.

Mesh decking is also favoured in warehouses and factories that deal with food, or pharmaceutical goods because of their obvious hygiene reasons.

Many insurance companies now require all-steel decking in new or upgraded warehouses. Once you have made the switch to the safer option of wire decking, you may see a reduction in insurance rates. 

Amongst the many other benefits we have mentioned, wire decking is low maintenance and requires less cleaning, flexible to store full pallet loads of individual boxes of varying sizes, and provides better visibility of stored products. 

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