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The History of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is as old as the modern warehouse but the technology and science behind this pallet racking systems is actually much older.

Cantilever racking and the history of safety that underpins it dates back to the 17th century. The technology is a simple idea that involves a rigid structure being held in place by one vertical support and balance of weight on each side. 

Businesses all over the world often face the challenge of being able to store longer and heavier items. At Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd, we have a wide range of current stock including second hand cantilever racking systems. Get in touch for more information. 

To find out more about the history of this racking type, please read further.

Cantilever technology in the early days

According to the dictionary, the first use of the word ‘cantilever’ was in 1667. The earliest known use of cantilever technology was in Scotland in 1890 to build a bridge. 

As well as this, The Forth Bridge, which was one the longest cantilever bridges in the world, still stands as one of the best examples of cantilever technology.   

The rise of cantilever racking

Since then, there has been a significant rise in warehouses during the Industrial Revolution and technology has become more advanced. There is a requirement for businesses to store bigger items in larger quantities; that’s where our second hand racking comes in. 

This type of racking is designed to store longer and more bulky materials in a simple way. However, as cantilever racking continues to become popular, the need for racking and warehouse safety is ever-important, therefore we recommend annual reviews with a SEMA approved inspector. 

Cantilever pallet racking today

For business owners that operate large warehouses with sizeable inventories, cantilever pallet racking offers many advantages. 

There is no other pallet racking available that can store unusually shaped or long materials like cantilever racking can. It is also simple to set up in-house, which allows for saving on labour costs. 

We encourage you to consider how removing your stock from the warehouse floor will increase efficiency and productivity at your operating site.

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