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The Benefits of Used Racking

At Advanced Handling & Storage we are the pallet racking people. We specialise in providing the very best new and used racking as well as many other warehouse storage solutions to suit your every business need. 

Investing in used pallet racking can be highly beneficial for your business, not only financially, but also for creating improved storage space and efficient daily operations. 

You will be glad to know that we serve the whole of the UK, so no matter where you are in the country we can provide you with a high-quality storage system to aid your business. 

As opposed to new, you can actually save up to 50% on price when choosing second hand racking instead. That way, you have more money to spend on improving other areas of your business or ordering more stock for your inventory. 

What’s more, our lead times are exceptional and we can supply you with an efficient pallet racking system within weeks to ensure your business operations are disrupted as little as possible and can resume promptly without too much temporary planning. 

Our fantastic quality systems are cleaned and quality checked with all locking pins and floor fixings included, then banded onto a pallet before collection or delivery. With Advanced Handling & Storage, it couldn’t be easier to invest in second hand pallet racking for your business.

We also have finance options available should you require some flexibility on the payment of your second hand pallet racking. Simply get in touch with us and one of our pallet racking specialists will discuss your options.

From an environmental point of view reusing warehouse equipment is also far better than buying it brand new because it has a better impact on our planet and global warming. 

Reusing warehouse equipment that is in sound working condition and fulfils its intended purpose flawlessly seems like the best decision to make as opposed to purchase new materials unnecessarily. 

Choosing second hand pallet racking reduces the need for non-essential manufacturing materials and helps with carbon footprint. The process of manufacturing new pallet racking, testing it and delivering it can be lengthy compared to second hand pallet racking. 

Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs, or email sales@advanced

With us, support continues after the sale, and we strive to form strong customer relationships, providing you with dedicated advisors you can contact for any advice.