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Protection For Pallet Racking

You might be wondering what type of products are available to protect pallet racking. Pallet racking is an investment for any warehouse or distribution centre, so it is key to protect these storage structures and prolong their lifespan for as long as possible.

During day to day warehouse operations, pallet racking storage systems may experience potential impacts and suffer structurally in other ways. 

Loading and unloading processes, transfers of materials and manoeuvres inside your warehouse can all cause external impacts that might affect the structure of your pallet racking storage system in the long term.

There are many other factors that can also affect the protection and safety of pallet racking. For example, it is important to carry out regular reviews with a SEMA-approved inspector, ensure adequate maintenance of the storage structure and implement a training plan for warehouse operatives.

In addition, from the moment of installation it is essential to have a development of structures that best adapt to the circumstances of your warehouse operations. 

At Advanced Handling & Storage, we offer the best advice and solutions for protecting your industrial racking. Our product suggestions will provide extra protection to your industrial racking to ensure it stands the test of time. 

Upright pallet racking protector

Upright protectors are installed on each of the external uprights of the pallet racking units. The functionality is to protect the installation from any damage caused by impacts of a forklift during operations. 

We offer several models to adapt to each type or size of upright. These types of protectors also include the corner protector to protect the external uprights and are secured to the floor.

Reinforced upright protector

Reinforced upright protectors are typically used in industrial racking installations in which the upright is required to be protected at a height higher than that reached by the upright protector.

These can either be plastic or sheet metal, with both models secured to the upright itself.

Side frame protector

The ideal of a side frame protector is to protect the pallet racking in its lower side area. These protectors are C-shaped and placed on the external frames where impacts mostly commonly occur. 

Typically they are joined to the upright protectors for greater effectiveness.

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