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Tips For Timber Storage In Your Warehouse

When it comes to  timber storage, there are many considerations to make. It is required to be stored in a specific setting with the correct preparation. 

If you have the requirement to store timber in your warehouse but are unsure of the correct procedures and equipment to do so, allow the pallet racking people at Advanced Handling & Storage to step in and help. 

With some simple operational adjustments and the correct storage solutions, timber storage can be made easy in no time. 

Timber storage racks

We can provide pallet racking systems to ensure that timber remains protected during day to day warehouse operations. With suitable timber storage, this also means that the organising and movement of timber becomes a more convenient process.

For example, we offer new and second hand cantilever racking that is ideal for timber storage. Cantilever racking systems are used frequently to store long items or awkwardly-shaped items horizontally. 

Storing timber horizontally minimises the risk of sagging or bowing due to the weight being evenly distributed. 


We advise keeping your timber organised, clearly labelled and accounted for in your warehouse. Clear identification makes it a lot easier for warehouse operations to function efficiently. 

If you are operating a considerably large warehouse, this will make for time saved and smoother handling of timber regularly. 

Stock rotation

Rotating stock also helps to maintain good timber storage in your warehouse. Regular stock rotations also allows the older timber to be utilised ahead of the newer stock and reduce wastage. 

Temperature in the warehouse

The lifespan of inventory in a warehouse is heavily dependent on the temperature and humidity levels; this includes timber storage. Significant exposure to moisture can distort all types of wood, therefore we recommend storing timber in an environment that is cool and dry.

If you are required to store timber outdoors, cover the timber with waterproof sheeting to prevent rain and sunlight causing damage to the wood. It is also important to ensure you keep the timber off the ground to ensure moisture doesn’t affect the quality. 

What else to consider for timber storage

When stacking timber, it is important to remember to keep the heavier ones at the bottom to avoid lighter parts of wood breaking underneath. 

You must also pay attention to the height limits of timber stacks and specific heights should be labelled clearly so that handling and movement of the timber can be managed more efficiently. 

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