Multi Tier Shelving System

Planning For Warehouse Shelving

If you have a warehouse relocation planned and are looking to incorporate new storage solutions, such as warehouse shelving, you will need to start by planning a straightforward layout that is clear and concise with detailed measurements. 

To get started with any warehouse storage plan, you should know exactly the type of products you will be required to store as well as the quantities. 

Next, it’s all about choosing pallet racking or shelving that can accommodate the stock, with considerations made on how your warehouse operatives can access the products.

When planned properly, warehouse shelving will make significant improvements to the functionality of your business space. It will also speed up loading and unloading and increase output due to better organisation. 

Here are our warehouse shelving tips to prepare your space for efficient operations.

Calculating available storage space 

In order to know exactly what warehouse shelving and racking components you require it is important to know the exact dimensions of the space you have available. Once you know what equipment you need, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

We recommend taking numerous measurements of the floor area, as well as the height of the room while taking into account any overhead pipes and ductwork. 

It is important to calculate the amount of “clear space” available before ordering storage equipment and warehouse shelving, rather than simply using the dimensions of the building.

Ensure that sufficient clearance space is left for doors and access routes should be planned for both pedestrians and vehicles. 

Assessing your requirements 

You may be surprised that even a relatively small storage facility with limited floor space can offer plenty of storage potential. The best layout will depend on the space available, the type of stock that needs to be stored and whether vehicular access is required.

However, your choice of warehouse shelving will largely depend on how much you need to store and space available. 

If your business holds a high volume of stock it is essential that you use space efficiently. Arranging your shelving with narrow aisles will ensure the most efficient use of space but there must be enough space for loading and unloading of goods and ample room to allow forklifts to be used if necessary. 

Contact us for warehouse shelving

When choosing warehouse shelving it is important to ensure that the products meet your business needs and requirements. 

At Advanced Handling & Storage we have a wide range of shelving available for purchase. Our prices depend on the strength required, height, number of shelves and the maximum weight capacity.

If you require help estimating your storage requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help you work things out. 

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