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Popular Types of Pallet Racking

At Advanced Handling & Storage we are confident that our pallet racking enables the efficient functioning of warehouses and distribution centres in the UK. Our systems aim to maximise vertical space and make storage accessible, organised and safe. 

We have many variations of racking systems, each designed to serve specific purposes. If you are wondering which storage solution will work best for your facility, keep reading to find out all about our most popular options for pallet racking.

If you are still unsure and would like to speak to a racking professional, give us a call on 0800 345 7088 or email [email protected]

Drive-in racking 

Drive-in racking is arranged in the form of a lane with rails on each side. Pallets are then arranged on the side rails and driven to the back with the pallets in front. 

Supporting the First In, Last Out operation, drive-in racking works best when high density storage is a requirement. 

Push back pallet racking

Push back racking is similar to drive-in racking but the main difference is it is designed to push forward pallets. It is intended for full pallet storage and is ideal when you have more pallets per SKU and require greater storage density. 

Adjustable racking

Adjustable pallet racking can be easily built and adapted to most warehouse settings. They are some of the most popular storage systems and can be tailored to suit practically any sector and application.

Very narrow aisle racking 

This type of racking is extremely effective for optimising floor space in your warehouse or distribution facility. It allows for the width of aisles between lanes of storage to be reduced by up to half compared to standard pallet storage.

It also makes really good use of the space available by height at which the goods can be stored.

Wide aisle pallet racking 

The most commonly used type of pallet racking for industrial warehouses and a range of other sectors, wide aisle racking is a simple solution to make for easy access to each individual pallet.

Wide aisle pallet racking is also easily adjustable to suit changing storage needs if required.

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