Used Wire Decking

If you are searching for used wire decking for pallet racking, you’ve come to the right place. At Advanced Handling & Storage we stock a wide range of used pallet racking and accessories to enhance your warehouse storage system if you are on a budget.

We specialise in providing businesses up and down the UK with both new and used pallet racking solutions in order to help your operations run smoothly. 

When it comes to what we stock in our warehouse, we can provide your business with mesh decking, chipboard decking, pallet racking, mezzanine flooring, carpet racking, cantilever racking, pallet racking accessories, safety barriers, and shelving.

If you are looking for used wire decking that can be fitted to existing pallet racking and used straight away, we can cater to your needs. Want more information on used wire decking? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Advanced Handling & Storage.

What’s great about used wire decking is that it is lightweight, durable, long lasting and incredibly strong. It is best for storing loads that are irregularly sized and even better if your business does not store goods on pallets.

This pallet racking accessory also provides your warehouse team with instant access to individual stock and equipment. Therefore wire decking is something to strongly consider to aid your operations.

Wire decking is extremely straightforward to fit, thanks to the waterfall lips on the front and back no fixings or fastenings are required. The design allows it to sit easily over the ends of pallet racking beams.

Once fitted, the used wire decking can be used for placing various stock items that may not be suitable for pallet racking storage.

When compared to chipboard decking, wire decking is a far safer option for warehouse fire regulations. It is also favoured by insurance companies for this reason, which may result in you receiving a low premium.

Used wire decking is actually recommended for environments with fire regulations because it is manufactured using galvanised steel and features gaps. This enables fire sprinklers to send water down through each pallet racking level and reach the bottom easily.

Another safety feature for warehouse operations is its ability for light to penetrate to lower rack levels, creating more brightens and improving overall efficiency.

Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs, or email sales@advanced handling.co.uk

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