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There are many benefits of choosing our pallet racking for your business. If you struggle with organising warehouse inventory and your operations are suffering because of it, we encourage you to consider industrial racking.

If you are looking for pallet racking options, we have plenty to choose from. New pallet racking is in stock at Advanced Handling & Storage as well as second hand pallet racking.

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In addition to improving organisation and operations within a warehouse, racking also improves safety within a facility. Organising your inventory with racking makes it much easier for staff to access items by hand or with a forklift truck. 

These storage systems are designed to store pallets on multiple levels in horizontal rows. Organising inventory this way helps maximise available space in your warehouse and allow you to hold more stock, which will help meet customer demand.

What’s more, there are lots of types of warehouse racking available depending on your storage requirements. Choosing the right type for your business depends on the products you have to store and the space you have available.

Here are a few types of pallet racking we have at Advanced Handling & Storage.

Mobile Pallet Racking

This system is where racks are built on a mobile base and guided through fixed tracks on the warehouse floor.

Drive-In & Drive-Through Racking

Both of these systems are ideal for high-density storage as well as maximising storage space by storing pallets back-to-back and floor-to-floor.

Push Back Racking

This pallet racking system allows for the storage of products that span 2-5 pallets. 

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Also known as adjustable racking, this type of storage racking is highly versatile because it provides access to pallets without the requirement of special equipment. 

Flow Racking

This type of warehouse storage system allows pallets to be loaded at the higher end and unloaded at the lower end, making the rotation of products seamless. 

The type of racking you choose will ultimately depend on a few factors such as budget, floor space available, ceiling height of your warehouse and the pallet type and size.

We serve the whole of the UK with new and used racking and offer nationwide delivery. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing racking for your business, contact us FREE today for a quote.

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