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Inspecting & Installing Second Hand Storage Racking

If you are a business looking for a cost effective solution to optimise warehouse space, look no further than second hand storage racking from Advanced Handling & Storage.

While second hand storage racking may be the solution for you and your business, ensuring the safety and reliability of these systems is paramount. 

There are some essential steps involved in inspecting and installing second hand storage racking safely to protect both your workforce and your inventory.

Let’s take a look at the all-important considerations to make.

Inspecting Second Hand Storage Racking

Visual Inspection

Before you install second hand storage racking, it is essential to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the components. 

Look for signs of damage, rust, corrosion, or wear and pay close attention to critical areas such as the upright frames, beams, and connectors. If any part appears compromised, it may pose a safety risk and should be addressed before installation.

Documentation Review

Documentation relating to the second hand pallet racking system will be provided upon purchase. This will include load capacity data, inspection reports, and any maintenance records. 

Reviewing this documentation can help you understand the history and condition of the racking, allowing you to make an informed decision about its suitability for your needs.

Load Capacity Assessment

Determine the intended load capacity of the second hand storage racking system and compare this capacity to your operational requirements to ensure that it can safely accommodate your inventory. 

Be cautious about overloading the racking, as this can lead to structural failures and accidents.

Compatibility Check

If you plan to add second hand racking to an existing system, ensure compatibility between the new and old components because mismatched components can compromise the integrity of the entire system.

If necessary, consult with a professional at Advanced Handling & Storage who can assess compatibility and make any required modifications.

Installing Second Hand Storage Racking

Site Preparation

Prepare the installation site by ensuring it is level, free of debris, and complies with safety regulations. It is important to clear the area to provide adequate space for safe installation and future maintenance. 

Assembly and Anchoring

We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommended procedures for assembling the second hand storage racking. 

We use appropriate tools and equipment to secure all components together and ensure that the racking is anchored securely to the floor or other suitable surfaces to prevent tipping or displacement.

Plumb and Level

Proper alignment is essential to distribute loads evenly and prevent structural issues and we will make necessary adjustments to achieve the correct alignment during installation.

Safety Measures

It is essential to prioritise safety by providing warehouse staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, gloves, and safety glasses. 

We also recommend implementing fall protection measures if workers are at risk of working at heights and conducting regular safety briefings to emphasise the importance of safe installation practices.

Post-Installation Second Hand Storage Racking Inspection

Once the second hand storage racking is installed, conduct a final inspection to ensure it meets safety standards and operational requirements. 

It is important to verify that all beams are securely locked in place, that connectors are properly engaged, and that there are no visible defects or damages.

Inspecting and installing second hand storage racking safely is essential to protect your workforce, inventory, and overall warehouse efficiency. 

By conducting thorough inspections, assessing load capacities, and adhering to proper installation procedures, you can maximise the benefits of second hand pallet racking while minimising safety risks.

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