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Discover The Quality Of Used Pallet Racking

Are you a warehouse owner on a budget? If you have the need to optimise storage in your facility but keep costs down at the same time, you should consider our used pallet racking at Advanced Handling & Storage.

While new pallet racking systems offer a high level of assurance in terms of quality and longevity, used pallet racking is a cost effective and sustainable choice with many benefits.

If you know what to look for, used racking is just as worthwhile to invest in as brand new racking. At Advanced Handling & Storage, we source and sell used pallet racking that has been quality checked so that we can deliver you premium stock.

What Are The Benefits Of Used Pallet Racking?

The biggest advantage of choosing used racking is the significant cost savings your business will make compared to purchasing an entirely new system. If you are a small business with budget constraints, this will be particularly appealing.

Plus, choosing racking that is used is an environmentally responsible choice. Choosing second hand systems reduces the demand for new materials and lowers the carbon footprint of manufacturing new storage systems.

At Advanced Handling & Storage, used racking is readily available. We are constantly receiving new stock of used storage racking, therefore we can deliver the perfect system to meet your requirements.

How We Assess The Quality Of Used Second Hand Racking

Now that we’ve shared with you all the benefits of choosing used racking, it’s time to look into how we assess the quality of second hand storage racking.

Firstly, our expert team will conduct a thorough visual inspection of the pallet racking. They’ll look for signs of damage such as bent beams, rust or missing connectors because these issues can affect the structural integrity of the racking system and pose safety concerns.

They will identify the manufacturer and brand of the used racking, should that be Apex, Mecalux or another well-known manufacturer. After all, as pallet racking experts we know that reputable brands will produce durable and reliable systems.

Next, our team will determine the load capacity of the used racking. Knowing this information is crucial to ensure that the racking can safely accommodate the weight of your intended products.

Most importantly, we will confirm that the pallet racking complies with safety standards and regulations. For any warehouse or distribution facility, safety is paramount and used racking that is non-compliant can pose serious risks.

We Refurbish & Repair Used Pallet Racking

Refurbishing used racking can be a cost effective solution. This may involve replacing damaged components, repainting to prevent further rust and ensuring that all safety features are in place.

Used pallet racking can be a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your storage needs, but it’s essential to understand the lifespan and condition of the racking system before purchasing and installing it.

We serve the whole of the UK with pallet racking that is used and offer nationwide delivery. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing racking for your business, contact us FREE today for a quote.

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