DIY or Professional? Navigating the Installation and Cost of Apex Racking Systems

DIY or Professional? Navigating the Installation and Cost of Apex Racking Systems

Pondering whether to roll up your sleeves and install that Apex Pallet Racking yourself, or to call in the pros? Let’s navigate through the nuts and bolts of doing it yourself versus bringing in the experts, crunch some numbers on costs, and talk about why those official checks are a big deal.

Can You Install Your Own Racking?

A Quick Reality Check

Technically, yes, you can take a crack at installing your own racking. But, and it’s a big but, it’s not just about following an instruction manual. You need a solid understanding of your racking’s specific requirements, not to mention a keen eye for safety and the right tools for the job. In other words, it’s not for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced.

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Do You Need to Be Qualified to Install Racking?

Know-How Matters

While you don’t need a formal qualification to install racking, being clued up on what you’re doing is crucial. For Apex Racking, knowing the ins and outs of load capacities, anchoring, and alignment isn’t just useful—it’s essential for safety and efficiency. If DIY sounds daunting, professional installers are worth their weight in gold for their expertise and peace of mind.

Does Racking Require a Statutory Inspection?

Tick All the Right Boxes

Absolutely. It’s not just about getting your racking up; it’s about keeping it standing strong and safe. Regular statutory inspections are a must to catch any potential issues early and ensure everything meets the strict safety standards. Skipping on this could mean trouble down the line, both for your gear and your conscience.

How Much Does Push Back Racking Cost?

Budgeting for Backs and Beyond

Push back racking is a bit of a step up in terms of investment, thanks to its clever design for space efficiency and easy access. You’re looking at a higher upfront cost compared to standard racking, but the payoff in storage density can be worth it. Prices vary widely based on size, complexity, and materials, so getting a quote tailored to your needs is the way to go.

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How Do You Calculate Pallet Racking?

Crunching the Numbers

Calculating your pallet racking needs isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It involves considering your space, the weight and size of what you’re storing, and how you need to access it. Think about aisle width, rack height, and load per shelf. And if math isn’t your strong suit, professional help can make sure you get it just right.


Jumping into a DIY installation of Apex Pallet Racking might seem like a cost-saver, but understanding the complexity and safety implications is key. With the potential costs of push back racking and the critical need for statutory inspections, sometimes leaving it to the pros is the smart move. Whatever route you choose, getting it right is what counts for a safe, efficient warehouse.

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