Case Study 14

This Birmingham based customer first came to us in in February 2019 with an enquiry for a large storage system to help with picking and packing of materials in their warehouse.

The nature of their business is a retailer for classic car parts and therefore a lot of the items are on the smaller side and therefore pallet racking was not a suitable option. A multi-tier shelving system was much more suited to their needs now and for the future.

We completed an initial site visit and sent drawings for approval before any quote was done. Once it was all agreed a quotation was sent over and approved before a site visit was done – again to ensure it would be an absolutely perfect fit for them.

The system that was best suited to them is a brand new, three tier shelving system with lots of different components and was fully tailored to meet their exact needs and to ensure maximum efficiency.

This system includes walk ways, four staircases – two integrated and two standalone – one pallet gate and hand/knee/kick rail. This is for pedestrians only as no material handling equipment is required for their day to day workings for this part of their storage solution. It needed to be completely user friendly and safe for employees to use on a day to day basis.

The solution had a large variety of beam sizes in the specification. It is not for storing pallets of goods which meant there were no restrictions due to pallet sizes. This means we could make best possible use of their space and no part of their warehouse space was left un-utilised.

We organised the supply, delivery and installation of materials and there was over 110 man days of work to complete the installation. This was finished in approximately 3 weeks and it’s safe to say it looks absolutely incredible! This was finally completed in February 2020 but the wait to make sure the project met every single need was definitely worth it!

Our customer is over the moon with how the system came out and has since used us again for more storage solutions. These more recent installs consisted of used pallet racking at the same unit in Birmingham. Since February 2019 it’s safe to say their storage has been transformed for the better and we can’t wait to see how this working relationship continues!