Case Study 18

Our client first came to us in March 2020 with an enquiry for second hand racking to completely transform their warehouse. We thought it would be worth conducting a site visit to their warehouse in Hetton to ensure we fully understood their requirements.

A CAD drawing was then produced and presented to the customer which was then accepted before quoting the full specification.

The best system that we could quote in was the Link 51 pallet racking system. We had ample stock which perfectly suited there requirements and looked just as good as new! They went for 6300mm x 900mm frames and 2700mm beams. We also supplied and installed rack end barriers in 1000mm and 2000mm lengths.

We chose this type of system as we can easily add to it, replace parts or even relocate it as and when the business grows. It really has futureproofed the business and allowed for expansion.

The last part of the order was safe working load notices. They were supplied as an extra safety measure and to meet health and safety requirements.

We completed the installation with our SEIRS approved installers and most importantly the solution was fully delivered on time and within the customers’ expectations.

Our customer is a haulage and distribution company so our flexibility allowed them to arrange all of their own transport so we just dealt with the supply and installation.

Our client was totally overjoyed with how everything turned out. They have now got a totally transformed and efficient warehouse at a very cost effective price. They will certainly be using us again as and when the time comes.

If you have a warehouse that isn’t fulfilling your requirements and want help to redesign the layout, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Advanced Handling & Storage today!