Case Study 9

We have recently completed a full installation of second hand pallet racking for a distribution company based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. The customer had asked us for a pallet racking solution that would suit his warehouse and business needs. We visited the site and advised what would be best to meet his specific needs.


We installed a second hand Link 51 pallet racking system complete with column protectors, load notices and rack end barriers. The pallet racking consisted of a mixture of 6400mm high and 8400mm high frames and a combination of 3 tonne and 2 tonne beams. This combination met every single business need completely and was the most effective solution suitable.


The installation was completed on 17th July and there was no disruption to the regular order of service which made the job go even more smoothly. Since the installation the customer has been more than happy with the result. He has even placed more orders for more second hand racking and safety barriers.

Safety barriers where a great addition to this warehouse. They help to protect the racking from crashes from fork trucks and other material handling equipment. This particular business deals with mostly heavy and bulky items so forklifts are a necessity – hence the need for barriers.

This second hand racking really looks the part and take pride of place in this warehouse. It looks just as good as new and performs just as well. The customer saved up to 40% compared to price of new and this is the reason why he will be purchasing again – He is impressed with the quality and service for the price he paid.

Our dedicated customer services team will always be on hand to help fulfil his future requirements and give any advice he needs.

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