Kinds of Pallet Racking

Posted on 2nd August 2017

Pallet racking is any material dealing with storage system that shops materials on pallets within horizontal rows on several levels. Pallet racks need the use of a forklift articulated vehicle to load and unload pallets onto the racks. Almost all pallet racking, no matter the design, will increase the storage thickness of your warehouse, retail centres, and any other storage service.

There are many factors to consider when choosing that style of racking is right for you personally:

Storage density required/desired

Building space, each floor space and height

Placement of obstructions like doorways, support beams, columns, and so on

Inventory size as well as weight

Inventory ease of access


Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet rack is the least thick and also the least expensive, and enables direct access to each product each and every shelf height. They come in 2 main styles, roll created and structural. Roll shaped racking is typically lighter and it has horizontal load beams which are held in to place by videos, and are typically adjustable inside 2 inch increments. Can make adjusting the rack levels very easy, but roll produced pallet racks cannot keep as much weight as some other styles, and tend to be much less resistant to impact by forklifts.

Structural selective racking is more durable because the horizontal supports are attached to the straight beams with bolts. Each types of selective racks tend to be adjustable and allow for customization, however roll formed is less long lasting and more prone to damage. Strength pallet rack can also be part of the building’s structure, changing the building’s I-beams, making a rack supported building.

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Drive-In and Drive Through Systems

Various other pallet rack include drive-in/drive-through, push-back, and pallet circulation rack. These types allow for much more dense storage, but you are not able to access any given inventory product at any moment. It takes a bit more planning and organization in order to properly utilize this style of racking, but when done properly is very efficient.

Drive-in/through shelves allow for lift equipment to push directly into the rack’s series. Drive through is open up at each entry point allowing for the forklift to drive completely with the rack, whereas drive throughout is only open at 1 end. Drive-in needs a LIFO style of inventory (last in, first out), which means that the first pallet to be saved in a row is the final one out, and the previous one to be stored may be the first one out. Drive via used either the LIFO or FIFO method for keeping, because pallets can be utilized from either side.

Drive-in/drive-through rack is an extremely dense approach to storage, because it does not demand aisles between each stand system. This style could be damaged somewhat easily simply because forklifts travel through the lines with very little clearance upon either side.

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Push Back Racking

Push-back pallet rack takes advantage of levels for additional storage capacity. It may typically store between 4 and six pallets which are stored on wheeled carts which sit on top of bed rails.

These rails are angled slightly toward the front of the racking, causing pallets to move forward due to gravity. Whenever a forklift loads a new pallet into a row with pallets already in it, it forces the existing pallets back. Each time a forklift takes a pallet away, all of the other pallets slip forward towards the front. This an excellent labour saver but can also be more expensive than selective and also structural rack. It depends upon how dense you need your own storage space to be.

Call the Experts

When there are so many different types of systems available you need to speak to an expert. We will advise on what will be the best system. Our experts can come to site and measure up and advise on what will be best for your exact requirements. Call us on 0800 345 7088 or send an email to

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