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Liverpool Pallet Racking

Liverpool Pallet Racking and Installations by Advanced Handling & Storage. Having been in the storage industry for nearly two decades we have successfully created business relationships throughout the United Kingdom that allows us to confidently supply, deliver and carry out installations all over the country. During this time we have built reputation in some of the major UK cities with include Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds , Hull (Kingston upon Hull), York and Sheffield. At Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we stock over half a millions pounds with of second hand pallet racking at any one time.  Stock includes some of the leading manufacturer brands within the pallet racking industry and is available in variation of sizes and quantities.  Currently we stock in volumes:

– Secondhand Stow Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Dexion P90 Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Dexion Mk 3 Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Hilo Pallet Racking

– Secondhand PSS -Planned System Storage

– Secondhand Apex Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Sperrin Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Link 52 Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Mecalux Pallet Racking

– Secondhand Redirack Pallet Racking

All our second hand pallet racking is quality checked and only ever sold in excellent/good condition.  Suitable for warehouses, factories, shops and outlets our second hand pallet racking has been bought, installed and used in a number companies in Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

Customers include Warehouse Distribution, Factories, Supply Chains, Blue Chip as well as smaller outlets and some shops.  To compliment the storage applications we are able to supply we offer a range of add on’s and accessories that suit all working environments which include column guards, safety barriers, safety signs and equipment, shelving, extension bays as well as galvanized mesh decks and chipboard should it be required.

Advanced Handling & Storage, Pallet Racking Safety, Second Hand Link 51 Pallet Racking, Liverpool Pallet Racking

Setting us apart from our competitors we feel we can offer you everything you would need in order to fulfill your requirements and are confident that we possess all the qualities and expertise in order to do so.

If your based in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds , Hull (Kingston upon Hull), York or Sheffield or anywhere within the UK we would welcome the opportunity to quote you for your second hand pallet racking and shelving needs.

For further information on our products and services please contact us now.

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