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Maintain Your Pallet Racking Between Inspections

If your business uses pallet racking for warehouse storage, you will be aware of the importance of annual SEMA racking inspections. However, there are also other measures you can take throughout the year to keep your equipment in safe working order.

Pallet racking inspections are a formal inspection and legal requirement that are critical for the safety and productivity of your business as well as for the condition of your equipment. 

Ideally, throughout the year, you should also be taking other necessary precautions and measures to ensure that your equipment remains in good condition for the safety of your warehouse operatives.

What to look out for

Between SEMA racking inspections, it’s also good to have an understanding of what you need to look out for to carry out your own maintenance inspections.

Here are a few things that can stand out as safety concerns:

Dislodged beams

Even if just a few millimetres off, dislodged beams can cause major issues from the foundations up, causing products to become less secure in storage. This means that workers below are at risk of falling goods and sometimes even complete racking collapse.

Forklift damage

Often the smallest knock with a forklift can affect the integrity of racking and pose a silent threat to warehouse safety. Ensure you check the solidity and structural integrity of your pallet racking regularly, especially following contact with machinery.

Signs of pallet racking corrosion

Equipment that is older is particularly susceptible to corrosion, much like outdoor racking and racking that is used in extreme temperatures. 

Pay attention to the racking fixtures and fittings because a rusty screw may seem like a minor problem but that is what is holding the racking together.

Missing safety clips

This is an obvious one! If a safety clip is missing, your pallet racking isn’t safe. Make sure you count them regularly and make sure that there are enough clips in the right places and replace them where necessary.

Overloaded pallet racking

It is important to know how to load your pallet racking correctly and not exceed weight limits. Therefore you must know in advance, before choosing pallet racking for your warehouse, what type of products you will be required to store and what type of racking is best suited.

Bent racking

If a bend is present anywhere in your pallet racking it is going to cause problems. Normal operations such as picking, restocking, clean and stock-taking can all be affected if your frameworks are wonky and there are bends in the bases.

Checking beam alignment is essential for ensuring safe warehouse racking.

Pallet racking protection products

As well as looking out for issues, there are ways you can physically protect your racking too.

At Advanced Handling & Storage we offer a range of pallet racking protection products. Our products prevent and minimise damage and our maintenance services help you keep on top of things.

Contact us on 0800 345 7088 to discuss your storage needs, or email sales@advanced handling.co.uk

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