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Pallet Racking Stockists

Pallet Racking Stockists

The pallet racking market is competitive, but Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd have dominated and prevailed as one of the largest stockists and suppliers of second hand pallet racking in the North East for several years and are now industry recognized and considered as experts within the field of storage solutions. Space is a driving force for all businesses no matter how large or small they may be.  Space for employees to do their work, space for manufacturing processes and plant equipment, space for the storage of product materials and documentation.

Being able to use the space you have to effectively be the key to making your business more effective.

Unnecessarily some companies choose to re-locate their business to larger premises, however with the right guidance and a closer look they would be able to see that the space they need has been around them all the time. This is where Advanced Handling & Storage come in.  We can help you identify and unlock these hidden areas of space by using our expert knowledge to create you a solution that will open up available floor and roof storage space – space you didn’t know you had!

We specialize in Pallet RackingCantilever Racking, Mezzanine Floors, Cool Room Shelving and Archive Shelving.  We deal in new pallet racking including systems from leading manufacturers as well as holding some of the largest second-hand stock within the North East.

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We also buy unwanted and surplus pallet racking and shelving all year round at extremely competitive prices.

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