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We always want to help every single customer which is why we work tirelessly to stock a diverse range of second hand shelving in our very own warehouse. Second hand solutions can benefit your business by meeting your storage needs and saving you money. You can save up to 40% on a second hand shelving solution compared to the cost of new.

Perfect for Cutting Costs

There are many circumstances where second hand shelving will fit a business perfectly. We know that business owners like to keep costs low but also want to make the most of the space they have already got. In this case, a second hand shelving solution could be the answer.

Expand Your Shelving

The other example we often come across is when one of our customers wants to expand their existing storage solution. They may want to match to their current system for consistency or in order to adapt their existing solution. This is why we keep high volumes of second hand shelving in stock. Our aim is to give customers any solution they require at any given time.

Popular Shelving Types

Whatever your industry, we would love to help your business with second hand shelving. Some of the most common types of shelving we come across include meta fix bolted, meta quick boltless, meta mini rack, tyre racks, kan ban, coil storage, two-tier shelving, three-tier shelving and mobile shelving.

Tell Us Your Needs

All of the shelving that comes in to our warehouse is quality checked and cleaned before delivery. You can find out about what systems we have available calling us on 0800 345 7088 or sending an email to Our experts can help find exactly what you need to help maximise your business space. We also offer a delivery and installation service to any UK location.

Sell Us Your Shelving

Advanced Handling is always on lookout for quality second hand shelving and factory racking. Feel free to send us any pictures along with the details on the quantity and type of storage products you want to sell.

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