Pallet Racking To Thrive This Black Friday

Nowadays consumers are buying online more than ever before and with Black Friday in sight, it’s useful to know how you can prepare your warehouse with pallet racking for the e-Commerce boom ahead. 

At Advanced Handling & Storage we have all the warehouse products and equipment to help streamline your business in preparation for the online rush and keep things running smoothly.

We stock products and accessories that will help increase storage density and picking efficiency, while ensuring safety in the workplace at all times as the demand for your products increases.

We supply new and second hand pallet racking solutions, wire decking, shelving, and so much more to help with e-Commerce product distribution. Here are the six warehouse products we think you need this Black Friday!

Pallet racking

Pallet racking is a must have for any warehouse due to its extreme durability and ability to help improve organisation. 

Also, no matter what the angle, pallet racking makes it easy to access any product you need. Easy access to products is key during busy periods to aid picking times and maximise how much you are able to store in your warehouse.

warehouse pallet racking

Wire decking

Wire decking is a warehouse product that works for both pallet racking and storage solutions that involve hand-stacking. It safely supports pallets stored in the rack and prevents products falling through. 

What’s more, it can be used with pallet racking and shelving and complies with all fire codes. You will find that insurance companies favour this solution compared to wooden decking due to potential fire risks, therefore your premium should be lower with wire decking.

Steel shelving

Steel shelving is a fantastic solution for fast-paced order picking due to its high durability levels. Steel can withstand the daily grind of warehouse operations and will last for many years to come.

The design of our shelving options make product retrieval simple and it’s easy to see what you are storing, grab what you need and carry on to the next stage. Plus, we have various shelf heights to choose from to make it easy to store inventory of various shapes and sizes.

Flow racks

If you are hoping to increase picking efficiency in your warehouse this Black Friday, look no further than the flow racks we have available at Advanced Handling & Storage.

Flow racks do exactly what you think, they improve the flow of inventory and make retrieval a stress-free experience. They are ideal for FIFO picking (first in, first out) because boxes can be loaded on the back of the shelf and flow to the front seamlessly.

The idea is that you work smarter, not harder, to allow you to get products to the customer’s doorstep faster.

Rollout pallet racking

An all-important warehouse product for surviving Black Friday, the design and functionality of rollout racks make retrieval so simple. 

All you have to do is roll out the shelf and select what you need! This prevents pickers having to bend down and reach under beams for items. At Advanced Handling & Storage, we have a variety of options to make picking a fluid process.

Having the right warehouse products and equipment will improve storage density, picking efficiency and keep your operatives safe. These products will set you apart from the competition and help you thrive this Black Friday!

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